Complicated pattern. Full of purling.

I started this blog because I hate purling. Anything with purling makes me groan. Not that it looks bad, it’s just impossible for me to do it well, so anything I purl takes extra effort. I volunteered to make my son’s teacher a set of dishcloths in her favorite colors (she got married last week) and I let him choose the pattern. He picked the Ball Band Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Image credit to lauralou64 on

Mistake! Ha! Gorgeous pattern? Yes! Easy pattern? Yes! Just hard for me because I purl so loosely. And you can’t knit the ends in on the next row because of the color changes, so you end up with eleventy billion ends to weave in 😉 I certainly hope she likes them and appreciates the hard work I put into them! When I finish weaving in the ends on these, I’ll take a photo. They do look gorgeous in the combo of purple, turquoise and white. 🙂